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Adinda's World - Adinda Zoutman (English version)

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This book by Adinda Zoutman is so much more than a conventional crochet pattern book. It is an exceptionally inspiring collection of beautiful color images, motivating texts and colorful ideas to start you off on your personal journey with hook and yarn. Adinda is the inventor and designer behind her 'Happy Stola' shawl series and a major supporter of crochet freestyling.

Other than containing creative crochet instructions enabling you to freestyle a unique Flower Shawl, it also gives you the notions of Adinda’s tried and true tips, tricks and tools for maximizing creative inspiration.

Everyone is born with their very own, individual creative resourcefulness which we can lose sight of in today’s highly digital world. This book will have you realizing that ultimately it makes no difference how you reclaim your creativity, provided you set your heart to it!

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